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Advertising-Support August 9, 2011 FAQ

Advertising-Support is a premium service offered to you by our publishers. We work with various websites as well as software products to help them provide value to their users. Please remember that if you are seeing Advertising-Support ads, this does not mean you are "infected" or are having issues with your computer. It also does not mean websites you view have been "hacked".  If you are seeing these links, it means that the website you are on or a piece of software on your computer has decided to offer you this service. 

If you are unhappy with Advertising-Support ads you are seeing, we would love to hear why. Please share your feedback with us by submitting a ticket here. We strive to constantly improve the product based on user feedback, and we will read every suggestion that we receive.

If you would like to disable these ads from showing up, please go here.

Advertising-Support August 9, 2011 FAQ

Advertising-Support ads are designed to create meaningful relationships between advertisers and consumers. We want you to enjoy the product, and if for some reason you do not, we would like you to share your feedback. Feedback allows us to fix problems as well as improve the user experience. 

You may be seeing ads as part of our advertising solution for Internet properties (such as websites, web browser extensions, or desktop software applications). This solution provides content at no cost to you and displays advertisements during your web browsing experience. It was installed by you, or someone who uses your computer.

Please visit this page to get more information on the ads you are seeing and how to remove them.

If you would like to share your feedback with us, please submit a support ticket here